Southern Weird

Southern Weird has been around a long time. It's just not called Southern Weird, but we aim to change that. We are launching our own genre and our own version of this category. And we know that all you Southerners out there have a Southern Weird book just dying to be published.

Southern Weird must be set in the South.

Southern Weird must have unique characters.

The book can be any genre, but please try to stay away from Science fiction or fantasy, unless it's about aliens, zombies or dogs smarter than their owners.

We want the flavor of the South to shine through. Just because we talk slow, doesn't mean we're dumb, we simply look at the world in a slower manner.

Bring the beauty of the South to your story. A Southerner is always pulled back home to the soft, mist shrouded mornings, to nights when the sky is overflowing with starlight and the Milky Way trails across the sky and to those gentle breezes that carry wonder and mystery of a true South.

Take us back to the moonshine days, to when Tinkers roamed the mountains to earn a few cents repairing what was not readily available to purchase. Take us back to iterant preachers, Model T's and gracious Southern living.

We also want to know the modern day South. We still want to see the gracious Southern living, the mist shrouded mornings, modern events and modern conveniences. We want to know the South from the early days to now.

How many red lights will a Southener wait behind another car before (gulp) blowing the horn?

As many as it takes. That's rude unless you tap your horn to say hello as you pass your neighbors.